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Bílé Karpaty, o.p.s.
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The Bílé Karpaty Education and Information Centre

The Bílé Karpaty Education and Information Centre (EIC) was founded in 1996 as a non-profit organisation. The founders are:

EIC Bílé Karpaty organises a broad range of activities, which are listed below.

Environmental Education

Teacher training

EIC Bílé Karpaty participates in teacher training by holding training courses, seminars and field excursions. Seminars are intended for teachers of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

Education programmes

Education programmes enrich the school education with the aim of improving the knowledge of wildlife and the environment, and lead to an understanding of fundamental ecological relationships. They include activities like games and discussions and make use of untraditional tuition forms. Education programmes are held in the open air, at our centre and at all schools and education facilities. Topics can be chosen from our offer or also arranged with our tutors in advance according to specific wishes.

Field excursions, projects

In the summer months we organise field education programmes - guided excursions to nature reserves with interpretation, observation and lots of activities. We also support and realise environmental school projects, such as observing animals and plants, mapping of the countryside, making aquariums and herbariums, waste separation, etc.

Competitions, summer camps, clubs

School children are offered competitions and Olympiads, such as local and regional rounds of the national "Green Trail - Golden Leaf" competition. In the summer months we organise summer camps, weekend actions and voluntary work. During the school term children can attend a natural science club called "Karpa»áček", which has a well-stocked library, facilities for film and slide projection, collections of natural objects and a laboratory at its disposal.

Eco-counselling and information activities

Information services are provided Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm

EIC Bílé Karpaty offers the public, tourists and other visitors to the town and its surroundings a range of information leaflets and brochures. It provides information about state bodies, non-governmental organisations, train and bus connections, board and lodging, on the town of Veselí nad Moravou (monuments, sights, companies, institutions, activities) and regional development funding, but most of all about wildlife and the environment.


The Centre offers advice in environmental, nature conservation and ecological affairs. We help students with their seminar papers and dissertations, and offer practical training and study visits.


EIC Bílé Karpaty offers free loan of books, audio- and videocassettes in the field of nature and environment. Ask for our detailed offer!


The Centre publishes a range of information leaflets and brochures as well as specialised publications (about e.g. nature reserves in the Hodonín District, interesting facts and sights about the town of Veselí nad Moravou, the meaning of signs on product packing, solar energy utilisation, etc.). We also regularly publish articles in the local and regional press.

Other activities

Magazine Bílé-Biele Karpaty

In collaboration with the local branch "Bílé Karpaty" of the Society for Sustainable Living, the Czech and Slovak Bílé Karpaty Protected Landscape Area administrations and Slovak partners, EIC Bílé Karpaty produces and distributes the quarterly Bílé-Biele Karpaty with information on nature, culture, history and current affairs concerning the Czecho-Slovak White Carpathian Mts.

Lectures and discussions

In the lecture room of our building lectures on nature conservation, the environment and healthy living are held. Every month in the winter season, travellers address a broader public with presentations about their experiences.

Exhibition "Nature of south-east Moravia"

Come and see the permanent exhibition "Nature of south-east Moravia" in our building. It introduces in ten panels the main habitats of our region by means of photographs, natural objects and texts.

Actions for the public, projects

EIC Bílé Karpaty is a member of the following associations:

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